A Prayer Book For The Rest Of Us

Walking Thru The Valley Of Vision…

The fine folks at Banner Of Truth Trust www.Banneroftruth.org have published a prayer book titled, “The Valley Of Vision.”  According to its preface the prayers therein are “…drawn from the largely forgotten deposit of Puritan spiritual exercises.”

It is my hope that this book will be turned to by myriads of those ministering and fellowshipping in the heirs of dissenting & non-conformist Churches scattered not so clandestinely across the English speaking world.

Many Christians fellowshipping in independent congregations will identify with the experience of feeling a slight jolt of envy toward those who can abide by denominational descriptors, for they have the luxury of buying study bibles, prayer books and any other resource that the enterprising has the ingenuity, and perhaps audacity, to slap a denominational descriptor upon.  Life becomes somewhat simplified if one can take such a plunge, as any debate is ended, suitably enough for their own consciences at any rate, with an appeal to one’s denominational descriptor: “Well we (blank) believe this and that as is stated in the (blank) statement of (blank) in the year (blank), amended in (blank) and (blank).”

Those ministering and fellowshipping in Free Churches have no doubt thought at times, “It must be nice!”

All this and more expounds why I am eager to dig in deeper to a prayer book for the rest of us, “The Valley of Vision.”  I plan (Lord willing) to periodically write an article, now and then, on the depths explored herein.

A Pastor in St. Charles Illinois even has a reading chart available on his personal website to encourage you to pray from “The Valley of Vision” three times daily: http://www.joethorn.net/valley/

Now, isn’t that nice?

Here is an excerpt from “The Valley Of Vision”:


Show me how to know when a thing is evil

which i think is right and good,

how to know when what is lawful

comes from an evil principle,

such as desire for reputation or wealth by usury.

Give me grace to recall my needs,

my lack of knowing thy will in Scripture,

of wisdom to guide others,

of daily repentance, want of having words

without love,

of zeal for they glory, seeking my own ends,

of joy in thee and thy will,

of love to others.

P. 123 “The Valley Of Vision”


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