The Thing About The Word “Deserve”

I think I’ve shared this with you guys before that I have a real uneasy relationship with the word: “Deserve”. I’m not all that comfortable with it.


We often look at others and think they deserve less than they have while looking at ourselves and thinking we deserve more than we do. We often want to take from some and give to others. We make ourselves the judge of all.

It’s rather human, and by human I mean to write fallen, to look at one person whom we assume has it easy and another whom seems noble yet is suffering and simply say, “swap”.

Here in America we don’t have a princely nobility. I’m kinda glad we don’t. Our friends over the pond do. What is newsworthy is in the eye of the beholder, as well as the holder of the remote control. Lately Princess Kate and what’s his face have been making heirs. And people make a big deal when they do, which is fine, to each their own. Inevitably talk of privilege and “Deserve” spring up when a royal is about to be born. Depressed Captain Obvious shows up and says something to the effect of,

“Well you know… those people don’t actually work for a living.”

“Well you know… those people have had a silver spoon in their collective mouth for generations… ”

“Well you know… those people have lived in opulence off the backs of the people for generations…”

You know.

I’m not so sure I do know.

At the heart of the attitude is the idea that those people don’t deserve to have it so easy, but most people wouldn’t mind trading places. Most wouldn’t complain if it was them and their family. It’s easy work if you can get it.

As for me, myself and I, we wouldn’t trade our privacy for financial security.

Privacy is priceless for the contemplative

I find increasingly that “Deserve” is this rather tricky word, because I’m standing here as a Child of God. I don’t deserve to stand in this present Grace, but, here I am nonetheless. And I’m not going anywhere. I’m an heir with Abraham, and I am an heir with the incarnate Christ Himself. I sure didn’t earn it.


Like the song says,

“Why should I gain from His reward?

I cannot give an answer

But this I know with all my heart

His wounds have paid my ransom”[1]


[1] “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us”

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