The Pastor As Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor

“The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor” began as two sermons given by Bethlehem Baptist Church’s (Minneapolis) John Piper and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School’s D.A. Carson, and compiled in a this present volume.

Piper the Pastor gives the reader an inside look into the place Scholarship has in his work of teaching the sometimes complicated truth of the Bible to regular people. Piper begins his sermon by giving his testimony, and then speaking to the development of his theological mind through his college, seminary and PhD work. Amusingly Piper shares that when his PhD came in the mail he opened the cylinder, checked to see if it was in there and then placed the cylinder in a drawer, where it remains to this day.

Carson the Scholar also paints a picture of his background, in this case as the son of a missionary to the French Canadians who initially fought God’s calling into ministry.

Both men speak of the spiritual deadness they sometimes experienced while pursuing their PhD’s while at the same time affirming the truth that we worship God with our minds as much as anything else.

This book will encourage the occupant of the pulpit as well as the pew.

Read it!

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