The Heart Of Barth.

Theologian Karl Barth passed into eternity on this day in 1968. Here is a beautiful gaggle of words Karl Barth wrote on Romans 8.3. Enjoy.

“God sent His Son- on account of sin. For this reason the Word of God, if it be rightly proclaimed, must always out-distance other words, and, since the mission of the Son of God is the divine reaction against sin, it can be described only in weighty negations, preached only in paradoxes, understood only as the absurdum which is, as such, incredibile. the offense which it occasions us is the reflex of the scandal which we are to God. The Word of God is the transformation of everything that we know as Humanity, Nature, and History, and must therefore be apprehended as the negation of the starting-point of every system which we are capable of conceiving. The mission of the Son is the divine answer to the last insoluble question which is forced upon the man of this world as a consequence of the dominion of sin. It cannot therefore be identified with any human answer, not even with any of those answers which men disguise as penultimate and soluble questions. The divine answer is given only in the veritably final and veritably insoluble human problem. The divine answer is the righteousness of God, of God alone, which as such preeminently and victoriously confronts the last possible definition of men, namely, their essential sinfulness. And so, as the divine answer, the mission of the Son is itself no human quality or righteousness or possession, it fits into no human reckoning and composes no harmonious human picture- rather we can only conceive of it as beyond our reckoning, ambiguous, problematical, poised, as it were, upon the edge and periphery of what is rational: in fact, we can only conceive of it as inconceivable.”


~ Karl Barth, “The Epistle To the Romans” p. 278


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