Review: “Pitfalls”

A developing interest has been growing among a sliver of young evangelicals in theology bearing certain characteristics of the “Reformed” theological tradition.

While many have rejoiced that this sliver of youngish evangelicals seem to be embracing a theology that is thankfully serious, others have noted with dismay marked pitfalls that come when reformed theology is coupled with lack of godly compassion.

Into the fray comes the Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church of Groves Texas, seminarian and self described member of this tribe of young Calvinistas.





Pastor Worley emerges with “Pitfalls” as a voice of guidance to his fellow young Calvinists.  Worely’s book is indeed a work of compassion toward those who are coming up behind him on the young reformed path.  Having navigated the path himself, he seeks to map out various dangerous pot holes, precipices and sketchy shoals in the hope that the harm they cause might be avoided.

The work is throughly researched, winsome, and warmly pastoral.

For instance,

“The internet has become our version of the desert caves, and we have agreed on a set of unspoken rules. We have resolved to read no materials other than those published by reformed publishers. We have guardians for our community, a host of our favorite “reformed” bloggers who become the gateway to any and all media that we consume. We are unflinchingly certain that prior to His ascension, Christ blessed the eSv translation. We laugh at people who try to “Fireproof” their marriage, and we think that Dave ramsey is a “cover up” for a false health and wealth gospel (as we go into consumer debt because we have not translated our belief in the sovereignty of God into a practical discipline of money management).  We speak an insider language that appeals to no one outside our small circles, and instead of joining in n the symphony that God is creating int he church at large, we are content with being a collection of single not musicians.”

~ Kyle Worely “Pitfalls” p. 70

 Overall, I recommend this book to young Calvinists everywhere.

On a personal note, I appreciate Pastor Worley’s excellent example to his fellow young Calvinists of irenic Twitter presence.

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