The Cancer & The Christ (Where was God during the Cancer? Everywhere He needed to be.)

            This is the text of a sermon I gave at First Christian Church on 3.21.2013.  My Resplendent Bride’s Lymphoma was gone, and this sermon was meant to answer the question, “Where was Christ during the cancer?”.  Later that year her Lymphoma returned with Leukemia on its coattails.  I still stand by this sermon in answering the question, “Where was God during the cancer?  Everywhere He needed to be.”

The Cancer


The Christ

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5 Reasons To Love Advent


advent |ˈadˌvent|

noun [in sing. ]

the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event: the advent of television.

• (Advent) the first season of the church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.

• (Advent) Christian Theology the coming or second coming of Christ. ~ Oxford American Dictionary


He is coming.

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Hiking In The Dark

My Resplendent Bride, Danielle Welcher, is my guest contributor today.  Danielle is an alumnus of Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa, as well as a graduate of Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis.  She has served as a missionary teacher in the Republic of South Sudan with Africa Inland Mission, and is a middle school social studies teacher by trade.

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3 Things We Can All Do From Romans 12

The unfolding tragedy of this world is mind numbing.

As the Christian is faced with brutality piled upon the unspeakable he often feels helpless.  What shall we do when the cancer diagnosis comes, or perhaps more importantly: what do we do after years of unsuccessful treatment?  What shall we do to comfort our sister facing the unspeakable tragedy of being married to an unrepentant covenant breaker?

In the song entitled “Plowed” the rock band Sponge describes a “world of human wreckage”.

What shall we do in this “world of human wreckage”?

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