12 Men

“From Jerusalem, twelve men went out into the world.  These were uneducated and of no ability in speaking.  But by the power of God, they proclaimed to every race of men that they were sent by Christ to teach the word of God to everyone.“   ~ Justin Martyr (c. 160 A.D.)


“The world is driven and tempest-tossed by sins.  Therefore, God has given to it assemblies- we mean holy churches- in which survive the doctrines of the truth.”  ~ Theophilus  C. 180  

Outrage Over the Affordable Care Act: About More Than Birth Control

[Today we have a guest piece by proud First Christian Church member Bobbi Jo Rorhberg.  Educated at Central College in Pella, Iowa: Bobbi Jo is a Christian, Mother, teacher, speech coach, Twitter Phenom, and lover of all things political.  Bobbi Jo blogs for http://lipstickandpolitics.com/  You can follow her on Twitter @BobbiJor ]