Marriage Metaphors Issue #1

According to 1 Timothy 3 pastors are to be men who have the gift of teaching, and as any teaching pastor will tell you: we love metaphor.

Metaphor is the  “This American Life” of teaching tools.

Metaphor drives home a point like Morgan Freeman drives home Ms. Daisy (did I just use a simile to explain a metaphor? Why, yes, yes I did.) will periodically post metaphors explaining Christian marriage in an effort to saturate the resplendent covenant of marriage with gospel truthiness.

Here are three.

1.  Christian marriage is a mirror in which we see a truer reflection of our sinful humanity; thereby making us stand is awe of God’s grace all the More.

2.  Christian marriage is a picture wherein we find ourselves penciled into the background rather than the master piece in the foreground.

3.  Christian marriage is a movie wherein two former stars find themselves as the supporting cast in a Christ centered plot.

Peace in Christ,

~ Pastor Evan

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