Dream With Me Of The Resurrection Day

“Dream with me of the Resurrection Day”

Welcome In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit

An old bard once sang, (Rich Mullins)

“Saints & Children we have gathered here to hear the sacred Story,

And I gladly bring it to you with my best rhyming & rhythm.”


Perhaps I too will try as well, to tell,

The tale of the selfless God who fell,


In love with people who loved things of Hell,

The Lamb went to slaughter without a yell.


The lies told and believed in the Garden,

The Savior’s heart they failed to harden.


All the threads of Redemptive History,

Threading along to tell His Story.


That one day Eve and Mary might treasure,

Jesus victorious beyond measure.


Old Adam weeping in the ancient dust,

Might see the dead live again in One just.


Noah saw God judge sin in the deluge,

Knew Christ trumped Gopher wood for His refuge.


Through the waters of death God sent a dove,

And a Rainbow to signify His Love.


God looked upon Abram, last of his line,

And promised: all your offspring shall be mine.


From your seed shall all the nations be blessed

Old Sarah’s laughter: doubt expressed.


Yet see Father and Son climb the mountain,

Where the Son of God provides the fountain,


Of Life for all whom dare come wash and drink,

For all whom cry out from damnation’s brink,


We also see the ram caught by his horn,

We see in that ram the Holy Child born,


To have His innocent flesh whipped and torn,

To be crowned in cruel sarcasm with thorn.


Abraham believed God raised the dead,

Chose the less traveled path of faith instead.


Moses valued this world as shifting sand,

Compared to the Christ, his true Promised Land.


God granted His Children all they wanted,

And the Promised Land became Christ Haunted. (Flannery O’Connor)


They did that which was right in their own eyes,

Once good land filled with murder, strife, and lies.


David committed a heartless offense,

Behold! You are the man! There’s no defense.


Where Fathers lead so the children follow,

Soon Israel’s Kingly hearts were hollow.


The prophets minor and major all wept,

For all God’s judgments were ordered and kept.


All the threads of Redemptive History,

Threading along to tell His Story.


The crown broken, and the temple looted,

There comes a sapling from Jesse rooted,


From Nazareth that tiniest village,

A backwater not worthy of pillage.


Comes God’s Son turning water into wine,

That the wedding revelers might all dine.


He alone reaches to touch the leper,

For there shall be no end to His Supper.


He sweeps His bride off her feet in power.

Doubt tainted the heart of his own brother.


Christ Humbling Himself: The Word became flesh,

So the valley of dead bones might rise fresh.


Unless falls the beloved kernel of grain,

Into the Earth eternal life will wane.


Jesus went to the well for midday drink,

And from the outcast woman did not shrink.


Come all you whom are weary and labor,

Come Love thy God as well as thy neighbor.


Come all whom thirst and drink living water,

Come and see peace spring forth like a river,


Flowing fast from inside the believer,

Taste and see the Lord is good; end hunger.


The believer’s soul is strong and tranquil,

Without the help of self-help or Nyquil.


I am the vine you all are the branches,

Abide in me, bear fruit, or meet matches.


I am the living bread sent from heaven,

My pure life for yours sweeps up the leaven.


You shall know the truth and it sets you free,

He who the Son sets free is free indeed,


Take Heart My Son, Your Sins Are Forgiven,

Grace is a priceless gift freely given.


Will you dip your last morsel in my dish?

How many spare baskets of bread and fish?


Long before Abraham was born, I AM

Born in a stable: Last Passover Lamb


My dear Father please take this cup away,

But not my will be done, rather: your say.


Judas do what you do and do be quick,

They beat the crown on his head with a stick.


I am the truth: it is as you say,

Only by Yahweh you do as you may.


Ignorance and pride took inventory,

Our sin crucified the Lord of Glory.


Forgive them for they know not what they do,

They are the wisest fools without a clue.


The Lamb Of God hangs without a blemish,

His last sermon of Grace: It Is Finished.


Darkness fell and love tore the temple veil,

I shall build my Church: Hell shall not prevail.


How could they bury glory in the Ground,

And ground refuse to shake and make a sound?


The Lord Jesus came to the earth to save,

Earth repaid by burial in a cave.


The disciples afraid, cry, hide and mope,

Take heart my Children: There is always hope


Jesus is folding his face cloth just so,

Scarlet sins are now white as the fresh snow.


As usual women are first to know,

Perhaps because Women are first to show.


Jesus went here, and went there to appear,

He asked for breakfast, and put to rest fear.


To destroy the darkness we all relish,

Peter do you love me more than fish dish?


Then follow here and there and feed my sheep,

I shall lead you and your tears I shall keep.


Perhaps I too will try as well, to tell,

The tale of the selfless God who fell,


In love with people who loved things of Hell,

The Lamb went to slaughter without a yell.


All the threads of Redemptive History,

Threading along to tell His Story.


All these people talking Resurrection,

All the while skipping the Crucifixion,


All these people talking of suffering,

When their precious Netflix is buffering.


There was once a Cross that stood long ago,

People go there still to die. God says, “No”.


The Old Magic says: penalty is paid,

The laurel of life shall not ever fade.


So sit among the graves with me today,

Dream with me of the Resurrection Day.

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