Dr. Ryrie: The Glory of God Is His Purpose In The World

“A third aspect of the sine qua non of dispensationalism is a rather technical matter that will be discussed more fully later (see chapter 5).  It concerns the underlying purpose of God in the world.  The covenant theologian, in practice, believes this purpose to be salvation (although covenant theologians strongly emphasize the glory of God in their theology), and the dispensationalist says the purpose is broader than that; namely, the glory of God.”

“To the normative dispensationalist, the soteriological, or saving, program of God is not the only program but one of the means God is using in the total program of glorifying Himself.  Scripture is not man-centered as though salvation were the main theme, but it is God-centered because His glory is the center.  The bible itself clearly teaches that salvation, important and wonderful as it is, is not an end in itself but is rather a means to the end of glorifying God (Eph. 1:6, 12, 14).  John F. Walvoord, Chafer’s successor at Dallas Theological Seminary, puts it this way; “The larger purpose of God is the manifestation of His own glory.  To this end each dispensation, each successive revelation of God’s plan for the ages, His dealing with the non-elect as with the elect… combine to manifest divine glory.”

~Dr. Charles Caldwell Ryrie “Dispensationalism” p. 48 Originally Published In 1966 as “Dispensationalism Today

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