Does God ever cover His ears & weep?

Today “The Iowa Republican” posted footage of Iowa Democrats thanking God for abortion.

In the video a woman is shown thanking God for safe infanticide, as well as praying against the patriarchal religious structures that make people feel bad for killing their unborn children.


Whereas this seems like an “Onion” article thus far, I invite you to watch the video for yourself.


From the Christian worldview the Church is called to pray for both victims and perpetrators of violence.  May God have mercy on all through Christ Jesus the Lord, mediator between fallen mankind and holy God.

This video should disturb you to your bones.  While we are reminded that we all have asked God for things incompatible with His holiness, this prayer shows at best a vacuous knowledge of the character of God.  At worse, this prayer shows the consequences of the remolding of God into a mirror image of a political ideology.  Such remolding of the divine is equally wrong whether it comes from the much maligned “religious right” or the much ignored “religious left”.

As for you and I, may we continue to include the abortion debate in the broader theological issues of orphan care and the most basic of all  human rights: right to life.  May we also pray for the renewing of the mind that comes only from the Lord Jesus Christ.


For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in. ~ Psalm 27:10 ESV

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