Do Young Christians Care More About Stopping S.O.P.A. Than Stopping Legalized Abortion?

What issue is capturing the beating hearts of young (Young Restless & Reformed, Hipster, Social Justice, you name the tribe) Christians this week?

Here is a little Quiz.

A) Pastor Mark Driscoll’s surprisingly controversial comments on the state of the Church in the U.K.  (Allow me a small aside: repetitive behavior isn’t surprising, it is expected.  Pastor Driscoll is drawing heat (this time) for saying that instead of there being well known young Pastors in the U.K. there are cowards in dresses.  The comment marginalized the young men who are faithfully laboring in a rocky field while at the same time showing a certain knowing ignorance of liturgical Church culture.  While I have found much of Pastor Driscoll’s Bible teaching useful: it is getting increasingly difficult to look up to a man closer to my Father’s age than my own whom repeatedly shows himself to be less mature than Pastors younger than himself.)

B) Pastors and Sex gimmicks.  (Got all these books…how to sell them…hmm…to the roof top, baby!) (Pastor Ed Young & Wife)

C) Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


E) South Carolina Republican Primary

F) Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

G) WHAT!  Paula Deen has Diabetes?

H) Occupy Wall Street

I) YouTube Videos about Religion vs Relationship

J) None Of The Above

If you chose “J” you’re right!

All I’m hearing about is S.O.P.A.

S.O.P.A on the fb.  S.O.P.A. on the Twitter.  S.O.P.A. all over BloggyLandia.

What do the YRR have against soap you ask?  Nothing of course.  The “Stop Online Piracy Act” is a piece of legislation (H.R. 3261).  Proponents of the bill designed the legislation to hamper down on the theft of copyrighted property on the Internet.  S.O.P.A.’s opposition is petrified the legislation will open a pandora’s box of censorship and 1st amendment rights violations on the Internet (otherwise known as the final frontier).

Both sides have valid points.

Our nation increasingly produces intellectual property rather than industrial goods.  It behooves a nation to protect her intellectual property just as it would have behooved her to protect a shipment of tea from pirates on the high seas several centuries ago…ahem…I mean currently.

On the other hand, my generation is still softly weeping in our Star Wars pillow cases over the lost of Napster.  The colonization of Space never really took off: our adventure is the Internet.  Sad?  Pathetic?  Certainly.  But it is all we have.  “Don’t Judge”.

Or is it?

Oh, what I would give for my generation to be as fired up about giving their unborn brothers and sisters the right to be born and waste their God given lives watching YouTube as they are about stopping S.O.P.A.

Oh, what I would give for my generation to be as fired up about giving their unborn brothers and sisters the right to be born and waste their God given lives watching YouTube as they are about stopping S.O.P.A.

But they’re not.

Here are some reasons for this apathy:

1.  My hipster brethren believe the fight against legalized Abortion is the previous generation’s battle.  Roe V. Wade was handed down in 1973.  This travesty happened on their parent’s and grandparent’s watch, while the Church slumbered long ago.

2.  This is the battle of people my generation by and large do not want to be associated with: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Francis Schaeffer.  Well, except Francis Schaeffer.  Hipsters Love Schaeffer.  Hipster Christians love “How Should We Then Live?” but are dismissive of Schaeffer’s “A Christian Manifesto” as an old man’s bitter ramblings.  After all Michelle Bachman read that one, so it is bad, real bad.  (She read them all!  You can’t wash that off.)

3.  They have believed the pro abortion lobby’s caricature of the Pro Life movement as violent, anti woman, and Republican.  Live Action’s Lucy LeFever recently wrote a most illuminating article detailing the truth about violence in the Pro Life movement, read it here: .  Have you ever seen a Pro Life protest?  All I’ve ever seen is a couple of Nuns praying and playing the guitar in January, fearsome indeed.

This week as many Christians of my generation support Wikipedia’s and WordPress’ (ironically the host site of protest blackout on Wed. Jan. 18th, John Piper and many other Pastors, including myself, are working on Sermons to stir up the hearts of God’s people to compassion toward the plight of the Unborn.

This year I will be preaching on the Image of God in all of humanity.  Last year I preached on Psalm 139.

I pray my generation will make more room in their hearts over the plight of the unborn than they have for opposition against S.O.P.A.  May we stop counting issues, and start weighing them.



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