Charles Spurgeon: “but when thou art nothing, Christ is everything.”

In a sermon given at Exeter Hall on Dec. 30th, 1860 Charles Spurgeon spoke of what we bring to Christ in relation to our Salvation.

As long as a man has anything to boast of, there is no Christ for him; but the moment he has nothing of his own, Christ is his.  Whilst thou art anything, Christ is nothing to thee; but when thou art nothing, Christ is everything.  All the warrant that a sinner needs in coming to Christ is to know that he is a sinner.  For “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”  Do I know myself to be a sinner?  Then he came to save me; and there I rest and there I trust.


May we all remember that we bring nothing to the Cross, yet gain eternity there.


(Spurgeon’s Sermons, Charles Haddon Spurgeon Vol. 7-8, pg.319 )

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