Danielle’s CaringBridge Site

Stay updated as my resplendent Bride walks with Christ through Cancer.  I am incredibly blessed to be married to a woman who fights the good fight of trusting in God through adversity.  I get the honor of learning from her daily: you can learn from her here http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/daniellewelcher .

What I Told My Congregation The Sunday After Sandy Hook.

Pastor’s Note: Dr. Albert Mohler produced a special edition of his podcast “The Briefing” http://bit.ly/QZbPUP shortly after the news of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut broke.  His thoughts were helpful to me and, I would imagine, many other pastors.  The following is the text of my sermon to First Christian Church … [Read more…]

12 Men

“From Jerusalem, twelve men went out into the world.  These were uneducated and of no ability in speaking.  But by the power of God, they proclaimed to every race of men that they were sent by Christ to teach the word of God to everyone.“   ~ Justin Martyr (c. 160 A.D.)